I am a versatile data scientist and former business consultant with over a decade of experience in business management, administration, and sales. My business experience includes systems design, product research, market penetration, and production. I have performed business experiments and data science experiments in each of these facets, but most often in production, marketing analysis, human resources, and corporate financial output.

My educational background is diversified into numerous disciplines, which include computer programming, quantitative analysis, machine learning, social sciences, and design. After completing a considerable amount of coursework in architectural design and urban planning I earned a bachelor of arts degree in social science with a focus on philosophy from Florida Atlantic University. While working in the insurance industry I completed a master of science in geomatic sciences from the University of Florida, and a graduate certificate in computer programming from Harvard University.

Currently I am an ORISE fellow working with the U.S. EPA, and a PhD student at North Carolina State University where I study geospatial analytics. The projects I worked on with the U.S. EPA and NCSU are specific to locating sources of environmental contamination affecting human health. My current research uses artifical intelligence and machine learning techniques to aid in identifying where contaminants are in the environment, and how understanding decision making in research can make new research opportunities more efficient.